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Helping people feel “heard” is part of helping them feel better

| Everyday Moments

Mother holds twin babies

Whether in a Pacific Northwest hospital or a free clinic in Southeast Asia, Dr. Lindsay Emerick puts patients at ease.

Listening is good medicine. 

At least that’s true for patients who see Lindsay Emerick, MD, an obstetrics/gynecology specialist at PeaceHealth in Bellingham, Washington. 

“I always feel heard” is a frequent comment from her patients. 

Lindsay Emerick, MD

Dr. Emerick has a unique ability to build trust and rapport with her patients, developing meaningful relationships with them no matter their background or stage in life.  

She is committed to meeting people where they’re at — both at home and abroad. In Bellingham, she provides routine medical services and health education to people experiencing homelessness.  As an international volunteer, she set up free clinics in rural villages in Southeast Asia. 

If you ask her colleagues, they’ll tell you that Dr. Emerick treats each person with dignity and respect. She makes sure they have everything they need to be safe, healthy and well. 

Patients are quick to share their appreciation for her care, too. They often highlight how she takes her time with them and answers their questions in a way that makes the information easy to understand. 

One patient said, “I was so surprised when she took the time to write out my options and often would show empathy for the last year I've had.” 

Another said, “It's not easy being pregnant with twins. I feel very heard and understood by her. She's a very kind doctor.”