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Donor story: Couple loves giving back to Longview

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Bill and Deidre Cheslock of Longview

Giving back to community means a lot to Dr. Bill and Deidre Cheslock

Dr. William (Bill) and Deidre Cheslock have lived most of their lives in Longview. It’s where they met, raised their four children and started Cascade Eye Care more than thirty years ago.
Their community means a lot to them and they show it by giving back. Whether it’s youth sports, schools, their church or their community hospital – PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center – it’s been important to the Cheslocks to be involved.
Bill serves on the PeaceHealth St. John Foundation board and the finance committee. He and Deidre organized the gala fundraiser one year and continue to support it because of the difference it makes to local services like A Child’s Place, physical therapy and the cancer program, among others.
They know firsthand the importance of having quality healthcare available close to home. In the space of a year, Deidre was diagnosed with stage four metastic melanoma and, 10 days later that January, Bill fractured his hip and then in November had a heart attack.
“The care I had at PeaceHealth St. John was fabulous,” says Bill. “I can’t imagine going anywhere else, unless you have to.”
For the Cheslocks, giving to the Foundation is a way “to provide a better community hospital and better service to people in need.” They support it, “because we want to – we love our community – we have a business in the community and the community supports us.”
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