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Doctor shares ultrasound image with pregnant patient

On the phone or face-to-face this nurse midwife connects with her patients.

Patients describe Lynette Polinder, a certified nurse midwife at PeaceHealth Medical Group – Whatcom in Bellingham, Washington, as “fabulous” and providing “excellent care of her patients daily.”  
One patient gave rave reviews about the care she received from Lynette.

“I couldn’t go any longer without telling you how amazing your staff has been,” shared the patient in an email. “I’m sure, with COVID especially, you hear more about the negatives than the positives, and I wanted to make sure I communicate with you that your staff has been nothing short of phenomenal each and every single visit.”   
The patient described two wonderful experiences she had with Lynette — over the phone and in person. 
The patient remembers calling the nurse advice line when experiencing some pregnancy challenges.

“This is actually my third pregnancy, but the first time I have had a viable pregnancy. Last year, I was pregnant. When I started experiencing some challenges, I called the advice nurse line and ended up speaking with Lynette,” said the patient. “Somehow, in that moment of pain and sadness, she made me feel calm, cared for and known. The panic went away. She did all of this over the phone.” 
A year later during an in-person appointment for a different pregnancy, the patient said Lynette helped reassure both parents, remembering details from past conversation and getting to know them as people. 

“She did everything she could to help me know that this baby is healthy and doing well,” shared the patient. “Not only did she talk about the baby and pregnancy, but she got to know me and my husband. We clearly weren’t just a number on a list, but we were humans who she genuinely cared about. She remembers details and asks questions about how things are going from things we’ve told her in the past. Every appointment I’ve had with her has been a similar experience. She’s just amazing!”