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A calming presence

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Security officer high fives young boy

Security guard eases child’s fear

Levi Green, a security officer at PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center in Florence, Oregon, was on duty when a young patient with an intellectual disability was brought into the Emergency Room.

Levi spent hours talking and engaging with the youth, helping them remain calm until they could go home at the end of the evening. Levi encouraged the little one to touch his hair and face knowing it would be beneficial and reduce their stress.

While Levi spent time with the child, Patient Support Team member Heather Fiscus called the patient’s providers in other areas of the state to set up consults with them and the ER provider.

Through his caring actions, Levi made what could have been a scary experience for any child a little less scary.

“Levi not only respected this child as an individual but as a person with a disability. He helped maintain a calm and respectful place for them to be in a time of crisis, knowing the child did not see the experience as an adult would,” said Heather. “Levi's actions helped this child’s family realize that, even in a crisis, the ER is not as scary and stressful as they thought and that members of our staff are willing to stop everything and help.”