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Classes and Support Groups - Southwest Washington - You101

Arthritis 101
Arthritis 101

Back 101: How-to Relieve Back Pain
Learn about new approaches to ease an aggravating problem!

Blood Donation
You can give blood every 56 days. Please donate as often as you can!

Car Seat Class & Clinic
Car Seat Class & Clinic

Childlife CPR and First Aid Course 1 Day Course
Childlife CPR & First Aid

Childlife CPR and First Aid Course Evening Class
Childlife CPR & First Aid

Healthy Eating 101: Food as Medicine
Change your eating habits for a new you!

Heartsaver CPR & AED Training
Heartsaver CPR & AED Training

Menopause 101-Red Hot Mamas: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-Feeling Tired at Menopause
Learn to distinguish between CFS and the milder fatigue that is typical for menopausal women. Also learn about the most common causes of chronic fatigue syndrome and how to best manage the symptoms.

Menopause 101-Red Hot Mamas: Digestive Issues at Menopause
6-6:30pm: Social Time and Refreshments 6:30-8pm: Presentation

Menopause 101-Red Hot Mamas: How-to Be a Savvy Patient
Learn how to choose and communicate with Your Dr. Right and what you can you do to make sure you get the best medical care possible.

New Grandparents 101: How-to Be Helpful
Discover how things have changed since your babies were born.

Respecting Choices: Advanced Care Planning
Respecting Choices: Advanced Care Planning

Ridgefied Special Event! Healthy Eating 101: Food as Medicine
A healthy eating plan is essential to combat diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic

Senior Driving 101: How to Get There Safely
Senior Driving 101

Smoking Cessation 101: How-to Quit Smoking
Learn essential strategies to help you quit smoking for good.

Talk with a Doctor: CyberKnife Treatment for Prostate Cancer
Learn more about CyberKnife and other advanced treatment options for prostate cancer.

Talk with a Doctor: Foot and Ankle Pain
Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment Options

Talk with a Doctor: Varicose Veins
Varicose Veins: How-to Make Them Vanish