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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Wondering where you can offer your services as a PeaceHealth Southwest Volunteer?  

The following is a sample of volunteer opportunities:

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop at PeaceHealth Southwest offers a variety of ever changing merchandise for our patients, guests and caregivers.  It is an all-volunteer staff and is open 7 days a week when volunteers are available.  Proceeds from sales in the Gift Shop benefit some of the most vulnerable in our community by funding temporary accommodations at Share House for patients who need post-discharge care, but have nowhere safe to go while they recover.  Through this partnership with Share House, we are able to provide one male respite room and one female/family respite room for patients for up to 30 days. The patients also receive assistance with meals, showers, and possible long-term housing solutions.

Critical Care Reception Desk

The Intensive Care and Cardiovascular Intensive Care Units are locked units.  This means access is restricted for patient safety due to the critical nature of the illness or injury.  As a volunteer at these critical department reception desks, you will help facilitate communication between nursing staff and family members as well as provide comfort during what may be the most difficult time for many loved ones experience.

Outpatient Infusion Oncology & the Kearney Breast Care Center

These outpatient clinics serve patients during difficult times while providing care in a loving and encouraging environment.  Many of the duties in these clinics have direct patient contact and support for the clinical staff.  These clinics utilize volunteers during weekdays; morning and afternoon shifts.

Lobby Information Desks

There are three main entrances to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.  If you are familiar with our facility, you'll know it is a large medical center.  Volunteers help direct patients to outpatient appointments, help family members to patient rooms and assist in discharging patients.  

Surgery Information Desk

PeaceHealth Southwest has a very busy surgery schedule Monday through Friday.  Both scheduled surgeries and "add-ons," or unexpected surgeries make for an ever-changing waiting area and patient experience.  Volunteers assist in communication between families, nurses and surgeons.  

Joint Journey Post-Operative Program

The post-operative Joint Journey post-operative program is a new extension to the successful Joint Journey pre-operative program.  Our volunteers interact with the patients, their coaches, the nurses and physical therapists in reaching post-operative goals to prepare them for going home. 

Nursing Units / Emergency Department

Volunteers assist caregivers on our medical / surgical units and in theEmergency Department by providing support services such as stocking rooms, readying rooms for the next patient, keeping areas clean and providing patient support when appropriate.

Activity Cart

The Activity Cart is another new program at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.  Volunteers bring the cart from unit to unit as well as waiting areas to provide various activities for patients and guests.  The Activity Cart is stocked with a multitude of activities such as crosswords, word search, colored pencils, markers, crayons, coloring books for adults and children, reading glasses, handmade hats, note cards, magazines and books.  All items have been donated by the generous caregivers at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.

This is just an example of volunteer opportunities; not all assignments are open, but we do our best to fit our volunteer's interests with open assignments.

Have an idea?  Let us know!