Volunteer Opportunities

Several volunteer opportunities are available at PeaceHealth United ​General, including:
  • Patient support services
  • Gift Nook volunteers
  • Surgery waiting room assistance
  • Clerical support and special events and projects
More detailed descriptions for some of these can be found below.

Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA) Volunteer

  • Description: Provide free, unbiased information about health care coverage and access. Provide counseling service for evaluation, planning and using health insurance and public health programs.
  • Responsibilities: Deal with a wide range of basic issues related to individual and group health insurance, government health insurance, government health benefits, health care access and prescriptions.
  • Qualifications: Complete training. Have skills, abilities and personal goals that are compatible with the goals and mission of the SHIBA program.
  • Benefits: Contribute to making Washington healthier, gain skills, improve knowledge of Medicare, health insurance, prescription drugs and other resources for you, your family and community.
  • Physical requirements: Sit at a desk for up to two hours at a time.

Cancer Center Hospitality Volunteer

  • Description: Aid in improving the patient experience while in the waiting area, the exam room and the treatment room. This position will grow as the volunteers bring their own interests and skills such as art, games, etc.
  • Responsibilities: Engage with patients in activities, bring beverages and snacks to patients and actively identify and fill the patients’ basic needs while waiting for treatment. Be a calming influence during the patient’s time in the clinic and especially during wait times.
  • Qualifications: This position requires a great deal of sensitivity and compassion. Not only anticipating the needs of patients but also being able to read through a patient’s non-verbal language, when they want to be left alone. Volunteers go through a selection process.
  • Time commitment: At least four hours per week.
  • Benefits: This position will be highly beneficial to the flow of the clinic and the experience of the patients. As it is a new position, it has room to grow.
  • Physical requirements: Walk through out the clinic for up to two hours at a time with out sitting down. Sit with patients for up to an hour at a time.

Cancer Center Art Cart

  • Description: Help patients and guests get acquainted with and started on a variety of individual art projects. Volunteers could be working with more than one patient at a time. All projects could be completed in one setting.
  • Responsibilities: Keep the Art Cart organized and clean.
  • Qualifications: Artistic skills aren't required. Have the desire and willingness to communicate with and assist patients during their waiting or treatment times. Attend a training session.
  • Time commitment: Three hour shifts Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon, or  noon to 3 p.m.
  • Physical requirements: Sitting, walking, bending, reaching and light lifting.