Cancer Center

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We don't just get to know your name. We get to know your story. Cancer affects not only you, but also those closest to you. We stay a step ahead of the disease so you can celebrate more milestones with the ones you love. We promise you won’t be alone in this journey.

Local Services

Since 1975, North Puget Cancer Center has provided cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment for patients in Skagit and Island counties. Services include:

  • Medical oncology 
  • Radiation oncology 
  • Personalized caring touch 
  • 24/7 emergency contact line 
  • RapidArc radiotherapy 
  • Nine infusion chairs 
  • An appearance center for chemotherapy patients 
  • Wellness programs to educate long-term lifestyle changes 
  • Certified surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, nurses and caregivers​