United General and PeaceHealth Agree to Extend Timeline of Transition



At today’s meeting of the Public Hospital District #304 Board of Commissioners, United and PeaceHealth leaders reported that significant progress has been made toward achieving the vision of the alliance which is to ensure that District residents have local access to specialized, sustainable and innovative health care.
With the master agreement in place and with the work toward realization of all the benefits of the alliance continuing, the parties have agreed to implement the 30-year operating agreement no later than July 1, 2014.

Two significant events triggered the need to extend the implementation timeline. Regulatory approval procedural delays at the state level, and secondly, the full integration of United and PeaceHealth operations required to support this important alliance will require more time to develop than originally anticipated.  

United and PeaceHealth are currently working together under an interim services agreement which will be expanded as of July 1, 2013. This agreement was designed by joint United-PeaceHealth leadership to improve service, value and operating efficiencies. The change also allows for more detailed integration planning and execution over the interim 12 months.
“We have made enormous strides towards this alliance and we will continue to do so,” said Greg Reed, CEO of United General Hospital. “Leaders of both organizations are committed to a seamless and successful transition. We simply need more time to minimize any disruption to our services.”

“Our relationship is strong and both parties remain committed,” said Nancy Steiger, CEO/Chief Mission Officer for PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center.  “We hold collaboration as a core value, and remain fully committed to full alliance and a long term relationship to ensure personal and community health.”​