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El Salvador Health Mission

While our health care ministry is primarily focused on communities in the Northwest where we serve, it has also been extended to El Salvador. PeaceHealth and the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace jointly established a health care mission in El Salvador in January 2001. The El Salvador Health Mission provides an opportunity for PeaceHealth, through the volunteer participation of employees and affiliates, to bring human and material resources to people in a country with inadequate health care.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace have been a presence in El Salvador since the mid-1980s, a time of civil war, and have continued this mission through natural disasters and reconstruction. The health care mission is an extension of the Sisters' relationship with the people of El Salvador.

The compelling motivation for the project is the fact that overwhelming numbers of persons in El Salvador live in unemployment and poverty, particularly those living in rural areas. These people have little or no access to the limited health services provided by the government and by non-governmental organizations.

A second compelling motivation for the project is what it does for PeaceHealth and its participants. We believe it enriches the soul of our organization by deepening our own understanding of the PeaceHealth Mission. It does so in a social and historical context that is not available in our own regions, or indeed in our own country. Participation in a health care mission trip to El Salvador confronts our project volunteers with fundamental moral issues regarding war, poverty, justice and faith. Intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, volunteers gain a deeper and richer understanding of the PeaceHealth Mission. This deeper understanding in turn enriches our work in our own regions and assists us in defining and implementing opportunities to further our Mission with the underserved in our own service areas.

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