Patient Stories

Over six million Americans have a non-healing wound. Below are a few stories from PeaceHealth Wound Healing Center patients. Each of these patients underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat their problem wounds. This treatment provides a painless, proven way to help the body heal. Click here to learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- Leslie's Story


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Put Larry Back on His Feet

The possibility of losing your foot to amputation is a scary thought. But this was a reality for Larry Smith. Larry was checking for a leak in the roof his winery when the ladder he was standing on slipped. The accident left him with a badly broken leg that eventually led to a stubborn staph infection and the possibility of losing his foot. His doctor referred him to the Wound Healing Center for specialized treatment. Larry underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which resolved his symptoms and saved his foot. Because of this treatment, Larry was able to return to making wine and leading the active life he enjoys - with both feet!


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Gave Catherine Her Career Back

After successful cancer surgery and treatments, Catherine Gilbertson walked away a survivor. As though battling cancer wasn't tough enough, she later discovered a painful wound in her mouth that simply would not heal. This wound limited Catherine's ability to eat, leaving her too weak to return to her career as a veterinarian. Following her doctor's referral to the Wound Healing Center, Catherine's wound was treated using hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This care healed her wound, allowing Catherine to return to her passion for helping to heal animals as a veterinarian.  



Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Gave Evelyn Her Life Back

After Evelyn Lloyd had emergency surgery for appendicitis, her body was having trouble healing the surgical incision. Unsuccessful attempts to heal the wound and repeated visits to her doctor persisted for nearly three years. Her doctor suggested she visit the Wound Healing Center. It was here that Evelyn received hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This treatment healed Evelyn's wound, allowing her to return to a normal life, spending time with family and friends.