About Wound Healing  

Wound Healing Center Doctor and PatientProven Success in a Caring, Supportive Environment 

We are experts at caring for people whose open sores have resisted traditional treatment. Our results are impressive, with most chronic wounds improved within weeks and 89% of wounds healed in 16 weeks. 

Types of Wounds 

If you have any of the conditions listed below, we can help you. 

  • Diabetic foot ulcers 
  • Lower leg ulcers 
  • Pressure ulcers Bone infections (osteomyelitis) 
  • Gangrene 
  • Skin tears or lacerations 
  • Radiation burns 
  • Post-operative infected wounds 
  • Slow or non-healing surgical wounds 
  • Wounds from Brown Recluse Spider bites 
  • Failing or compromised skin/muscle grafts or flaps 
  • Wounds that are over 30 days old and have failed to heal with multiple treatments/therapies


At the Wound Healing Center we offer many different types of treatments known to provide consistent, successful results. Your wound care physician may prescribe some of these therapies: 

  • Debridement (removal of dead or damaged tissue to encourage the growth of healthy skin cells)
  • Specially chosen dressings and wraps 
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 
  • Bio-engineered human tissue substitutes (artificial skin is placed on a wound to deliver cells which encourages cell growth, kick-starting the healing process for non-healing wounds) 
  • Platelet-growth technologies (cells that stop bleeding, also known as platelets, are applied to a wound to encourage cell growth which is necessary for wound healing) 

Your Role in Healing 

Much of the success of your treatment depends on you. We'll count on you to follow directions carefully and watch your progress closely. You'll learn about caring for your wound at home, including how to change dressings and how to protect yourself from further injuries. We're always here to answer questions and give you the support you need to heal.​​​