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Before You Arrive

You will need to pre-register prior to delivery. Be sure to visit our What to Bring page for a checklist of items to bring with you to the hospital.

Scheduled Procedures

If you are scheduled for a procedure (i.e. non-stress test, induction, scheduled C-section,) please call ahead to make sure that we have a room available. There are times when we are full and have to delay non-emergent procedures such as these. We will reschedule your procedure as soon as possible.

IT'S TIME!! to Come to the Hospital

If you can, please call the Childbirth Center (360-738-6361) before you leave your house. This allows our staff time to prepare your room for your arrival. Your nurse will help you get settled in your room, take your vital signs, monitor your baby’s heartbeat, obtain a urine sample and perform a vaginal exam to determine your labor progress. We want you to feel comfortable asking questions; we are partners in this birth experience and we want you to be prepared and informed. If you have a birth plan, please share it with your nurse.