Where Will I Deliver?

​We’ve designed our labor rooms for mom, baby and one support person (partner/coach) to stay together at all times. Our family-centered approach to care is very important in supporting the bonding process of your family. We encourage the support person to assist mom in partnership with the nursing team. Moms will labor and deliver in these rooms unless a surgical intervention is required. 

C-sections​ are performed in our operating suites; recovery is provided in our recovery room. 

After recovery from either vaginal or C-section birth, mom and baby will be moved to a postpartum room. We have 12 postpartum rooms in the Childbirth Center and an additional 12 rooms on 2nd Surgical where staff is trained to take care of moms and infants.

If your baby is born prematurely or requires closer observation, we provide a higher level of newborn care in our Special Care Nursery.  ​