Legal Documents & DSHS Benefits

Birth Certificate

During your stay, you will be given a Birth Certificate Worksheet. You will return this certificate to your nurse before you go home. We will send the completed worksheet to the Washington State Department of Health for processing. 
To receive a certified copy of your baby’s birth certificate, you will need to fill out the Application for Certified Copy of the Birth Certificate form, which will be sent home with you.


Social Security Number

You have the option to request that a Social Security Number be issued for your child. Simply check “yes” in the box on your Birth Certificate Worksheet that says “Social Security Number Requested for Child.”


DSHS Benefits

Ask your nurse for DSHS (Washington State Department of Social and Health Services​) papers if you are applying for DSHS benefits for your baby. In order for your baby to receive medical benefits, you must complete the paperwork and take it to your caseworker. It’s also important that you request a Social Security Number for your baby when completing the Birth Certificate Worksheet; this will save you time and help your baby get DSHS benefits sooner.​​​