Patient Eligibility 

Eligibility for General Hospice Care 

Hospice care provides life-affirming care for patients with advanced illness or disease. Generally, a person with a life-threatening illness who may have less than six months left to live, is eligible for hospice care. Our Prognosis Screening Form (pdf) has been developed as a guideline for determining when hospice care might be an appropriate fit for a patient.  

Eligibility for Admission to Whatcom Hospice House 

While general hospice care can be provided in a patient’s own home, assisted living or nursing home, admittance to the Whatcom Hospice House is reserved for those patients who need our highest level of care. 

The Hospice House provides a place of comfort for patients with a limited life expectancy and no cure for their illness. It is usually an option for a few days to a few weeks, when the hospice interdisciplinary team and physician believe the patient needs pain control or symptom management that cannot feasibly be provided in any other setting.

Admittance to the Whatcom Hospice House requires a case-by-case evaluation. A number of factors must be considered, including medical needs and preferences of the patient and their family. 

If a patient’s reason for admission has been stabilized and their family support system has been re-established the patient may be transferred to an alternate level of care.