Patient Stories

What Others are Saying

Following are some responses from those in our community who have participated in the education courses provided by the Nutrition & Diabetes Education Clinic. 

“The staff is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable about nutrition and diabetes. I am now confident and in control of my diabetes.”
 - Bob

“I love it! My A1C levels have gone down, and I feel like I finally have control over my diabetes.”
- Maureen

“They saved my life! Not only did they coach me to 100-pound weight loss, but they helped me believe I could do it!”
- Jim

“The staff taught me how to use insulin and helped me to eventually get off insulin. Wonderful!”
- Ken

“I was afraid to see the dietitian. I thought she would take away all my favorite foods! She actually helped me figure out how to include my favorite foods. She was so understanding.”
- Sue

“I’m usually not a group person, but the classes were so beneficial. I learned tons from others who were attending the group sessions. The course was interactive and really fun.”
- Karen

“I really enjoyed the instructors, very supportive and easy to understand! The classes were very informative and now I can read food labels and actually understand how certain ingredients affect my blood sugar!”

“When people are first diagnosed, the doctor should get them into these classes right away!”