Cardiovascular Wellness & Rehabilitation

Our program of monitored activity, education and support helps you establish and maintain an active lifestyle, gain strength and take charge of your heart.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a very important step in recovery because it helps with the transition between illness and health.

Vascular rehabilitation is a very important part of relieving symptoms and improving quality of life. By entering a program, peripheral vascular disease (PVD) patients can reduce their leg pain, improve their walking capacity, and reduce their risk for further progression of their disease.


Participants in either program can improve their quality of life and receive other benefits such as:

  • A safe, monitored exercise environment. 
  • Encouragement and support at a time when energy and enthusiasm may be low. 
  • A centralized location for pertinent information, with professionals on hand to answer questions.
  • The opportunity to share the learning and recovery process with other people in similar circumstances.
  • Most of all, the chance for participants — and their families — to learn important strategies to maintain their health and recovery.