Nurse Navigator Program

One Partner Through Your Journey

Our Nurse Navigator Program is designed to be a resource for those in the midst of a cancer diagnosis. Navigators provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to provide a more focused and comfortable journey through cancer treatment.
Following a cancer diagnosis, Navigators meet with patients and their loved ones to ensure they understand the diagnosis and the doctors' treatment recommendations. This allows our patients to make thoughtful and informed decisions about their health care. 
Our Nurse Navigator Program removes barriers, helping patients move through the health care system more quickly. Navigators are available to help coordinate appointments specific to each individual patient's needs. By encouraging prompt treatment following a cancer diagnosis, the Navigator Program increases patient success rates. 
To learn more, contact one of our Nurse Navigators:
Kim Moses, RN, BSN, OCN, Breast and Head and Neck Cancer Nurse Navigator
(360) 788-8234
Kathy Millson, RN, BSN, OCN, Lung Cancer Nurse Navigator
(360) 788-8237
Kristy Thom, RN, OCN, GI Nurse Navigator
(360) 788-8235