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New Patient Information 


Preparing for Your Visit

Before your visit:
  • Write down all of your questions and concerns and bring them with you to your appointment. We’ve prepared a How to Talk with Your Doctor​ (pdf) presentation to help you get started. This presentation includes sample questions and helpful communication tips. One of the best resources you can tap is the team of doctors that partner with you in your treatment plan.
  • Consider bringing a family member or friend to help you.
  • Bring a list of all of your medications, vitamins, nutritional or herbal supplements, etc.
  • Bring a CD to listen to during radiation treatments.
  • If you’re undergoing chemotherapy, you’re welcome to bring your own reading material or other form of entertainment (crossword puzzle, word search, etc.). 
During your visit:
  • Arrive early enough to complete forms.
  • Bring your insurance card.
  • As a courtesy, turn off your cell phone and/or pager.
After each visit:
  • Allow yourself time to think about what you learned from your doctor visit.
  • Follow your doctor’s recommendations.
  • Prepare for your next visit by completing your Patient Journal (learn more about the Patient Journal on our Support Services​ page) and make a list of new questions, including unresolved questions from prior visits.​​​​​

Getting Here

  • Ro​ad to Recovery is a hallmark program of the American Cancer Society​​. This free program offers transportation assistance to patients needing to get to treatment appointments. 
  • The San Juan Eagles Treatment Support Mission Project provides free flights for cancer patients from San Juan Island to Skagit Regional and Bellingham airports for treatment at medical facilities. For more information, call and leave a message at (360) 378-4578. ​