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Network and Community Executive Team

Members of the Northwest Network and Community Executive Team embrace a leadership model fully rooted in our Mission and Values and in our heritage as a Catholic health care ministry. This model guides our leaders in every aspect of their work and oversight responsibilities. It challenges us to relentlessly pursue improvements in patient outcomes and service to patients and families while awakening joy, meaning and purpose in the human spirit.

Charles Prosper, MSPT, MBA
Chief Executive Northwest


Sudhakar Karlapudi, MBBS, FACP, CMQ
Chief Medical Officer and Patient Safety Officer


Roseanna Bell, MSN, RN
Chief Nursing Officer


Alan Gregory
Interim Chief Fiancial Officer


Anne Rasmussen
Chief Development Officer, Northwest


Shawna Unger
Senior Human Resources Director


Beverly Mayhew
Director of Communications & Marketing


Rachel Lucy
Director for Community Health


Kevin Park
Director of Mission