Dennis Dashiell, MSW, LICSW, CEAP, SAP

Dennis Dashiell, MSW is a master’s level Social Worker, licensed as a mental health professional in Washington State and certified as an EAP professional. He is credentialed under the U.S. DOT as a substance abuse professional (SAP) evaluator for DOT violations. Dennis has been a member of the HPN EAP staff since 1995, and he has many years of EAP experience serving public and private employers. 

Beyond HPN, Dennis has worked in other healthcare programs, college and university settings, community mental health, private practice, the US Veterans Administration, and a multitude of non-human services jobs (agriculture, retail, sales, food services and manufacturing). Dennis has a long history of volunteerism with the local emergency services and industrial critical incident support teams. At HPN, Dennis specializes in team building, coworker conflict, supervisory coaching, marital/couples work, values/spiritual related issues, critical incident support services, grief work, chemical dependency (and codependency), and general issues of anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance. His Washington state license number is LW 00005096.

“Clients often come to EAP ready to work," says Dennis. "We get right into the issues. Few clinical professionals have the privilege that I do, of building a career in such a field and seeing people make such huge leaps in their personal and professional lives. It is great to see how much people can learn from their work lives, which can then aid them in their personal lives. Work sometimes imposes changes and challenges that we would not have otherwise chosen. When people remember what is most important to them, they usually do very well. The solution-focused nature of EAP and the variety of issues keeps me coming back.”

“Dennis is such an amazing counselor. From the first minutes of the first visit, he put me right at ease. I’ve never felt so much trust from a healthcare provider–and I am one! There’s such a sense of kindness, even from the schedulers. I only wish Dennis could be my long-term therapist.”
-Anonymous client