Getting the Most Out of Leisure Time

With family, work and household responsibilities, leisure time is a luxury for many of us. You can learn to enjoy your leisure time by organizing it, learning to say “no,” deciding what you like to do and making specific plans for enjoyment.

Organize Your Time

If you have a limited amount of free time each week, it makes sense to organize what you have so that you can more fully enjoy it! Instead of letting household chores drag out over the weekend, try taking care of them first thing, especially things you don’t like to do. You might find that you better enjoy your leisure time when you can devote yourself to it.

Learn To Say "No"

If you find it hard to get time for yourself, learn to say “no” to others who make demands on your time. We often feel that we must say yes and end up resenting those who want our precious free time. By learning to say no, you can also learn to say yes and mean it. 

Make a List

Do you have a list of things you’d do if you had time? Would you like to read a good book, learn a new skill or get interested in a hobby? By making a list of things you enjoy doing, you might be more likely to think about how you can control your time and participate in things that interest you.

Make Specific Plans

If you spend your time on the phone or habitually sitting in front of the TV, you might be wondering where all of your time went. If you’re feeling dissatisfied with how you’re spending your time now, you might be just "killing time." By making plans to do the things you enjoy doing, you might be surprised how much free time you have.