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Advance Directives

PeaceHealth believes that life and death are a part of a sacred journey. PeaceHealth is committed to providing a full range of palliative care services, including medicines capable of relieving pain and suffering, and connecting a patient to hospice services options within and beyond the community.

PeaceHealth also honors and encourages Advance Directives, legal documents that allow individuals to make decisions about their end-of-life care ahead of time. A patient’s decision to refrain from aggressive or curative treatment will be respected as requested, even when such a decision may result in a patient’s death.

Frequently asked questions about Advance Directives at PeaceHealth:

  • If you have an “active record” in the PeaceHealth computer system, we will scan your Advance Directive and attach it to your existing PeaceHealth medical record.
  • If you have never been a patient at a PeaceHealth hospital or clinic, we will create a medical record for you in our system, scan your Advance Directive and attach it to your newly created PeaceHealth medical record.

Your Advance Directive didn’t move. It is accessible from PeaceHealth’s new electronic medical record, just as it was from the old system.


PeaceHealth’s new computer system did not change access to Advance Directives documents. This is true for patients and non-patients alike.


Yes. The caregivers who work in the Medical Records department will be happy to assist you. Simply mail your completed Advance Directive to:

                Attention: Health Information Management (HIM)
                1115 SE 164th Avenue, Dept. 336 
                Vancouver, WA 98683.

Please include a brief note (a sticky note will do!) requesting that the document be scanned into your medical record, or that a medical record be created exclusively for your Advance Directive. Also include your date of birth and a phone number where you can be reached in the event we have questions about your Advance Directive. Alternatively, you are also welcome to fax it to 360-729-3378.


You can always change your mind. Please submit your new Advanced Directive with a note stating that all previous documents are null and void.