The Wellness Program for Your Business and Your Employees

The topics below are designed for a 30 to 60 minute presentation:

Are You Making These Five Weight Loss Mistakes?
There are five common weight loss mistakes that many people make. These errors often prevent people from being successful in their weight loss efforts. Learn what these mistakes are, how to avoid them, and greatly increase your chances of success at weight loss.

Boost Your Breakfast
Your mother was right; breakfast is the most important meal. Yet, there are far fewer breakfast eaters today than ever before. Cutting calories, not enough time, and not feeing like eating are a few of the reasons why many people skip the first meal of the day. Attend this presentation and learn how breakfast effects your energy, mood and productivity. Receive three simple guidelines for energy-boosting breakfasts and strategies for choosing breakfast cereals plus recipes and ideas for two dozen quick and easy breakfasts. Come prepared to sample smoothies and other breakfast ideas!

Caffeine: The Inside Scoop
Is your coffee habit grounds for concern? Attend this presentation for a stimulating presentation on the latest research of this extensively studied substance. If you prefer a latte’ or mocha over the standard cup of joe, you’ll want to learn about the nutrition information on common espresso cart beverages.

Calcium and Beyond: Nutrition Strategies to Protect Your Bones
Are you aware of bone builders in the diet? What about calcium robbers? Do you know how much calcium you need and what kind of supplement to choose? Attend this presentation and put into practice the strategies to keep your bones strong and healthy.

Control Your Blood Pressure
Hypertension has been clearly identified as a serious health concern, but it is very responsive to lifestyle choices as part of treatment. Attend this class to learn about five, easy to remember and practical strategies to help improve blood pressure.

Dashboard Dining
Fast food can be good food if you choose carefully. Learn how to identify the best choices along with simple strategies to greatly reduce the fat in your not-so-healthy fast-food favorites. Local fast-food restaurant menus will be reviewed.

Diabetes Defined
It seems like everyone is touched in some way by diabetes lately. The bad news is that it is truly an epidemic in the United States. The good news is that the disease responds exceptionally well to changes in lifestyle. That means that diabetes can be controlled and even prevented. Come to this presentation to find out the basics about this disease, and get your questions answered.

Diet and Cancer: What's the Connection?
Who isn't interested in making choices to reduce cancer risk? Scientific evidence confirms that a healthy diet and exercise can prevent a variety of cancers. Learn what the guidelines specifically recommend and receive realistic ideas for incorporating these protective foods into your meals and snacks.

Fast Fat Loss That's Healthy
There isn't a dieter alive who doesn't want to lose weight at a faster rate. The trouble is, rapid weight loss can be dangerous and is rarely permanent. There are, however, some ways to speed up the process that don't jeopardize health. You won't learn about these by reading posters stapled to telephone poles. Attend this class and add to your game plan five key strategies for speeding up fat loss.

Food Allergy Facts and Figures
Do you know the difference between food intolerance, food allergy, and oral allergy syndrome? This is just one of the topics we'll cover as we navigate the basics of food allergy, including the five foods responsible for most food allergy reactions. We'll discuss label reading, recipes, and where to find egg-free, peanut-free and other specialty food items.

Food for Fitness
Are you looking for a diet that will give you a competitive edge? Although there are no magical foods to produce superstars, good nutrition does influence performance. Learn how to set your training table, when and what to eat before your event, and how to sort through costly or dangerous sports nutrition myths and misinformation.

Food Label Lingo
Do you know what all of those numbers mean on the back of a food label? Although these labels were designed to help consumers make healthier food choices, there is much confusion among most people on how to interpret the Nutrition Facts provided on the packaging. This presentation offers label-reading guidelines, defines confusing terms, and gives participants practice with actual food labels. Learn how to decode the label to shop and eat for better health.

Shake the Salt Habit
The average American consumes two teaspoons of salt daily, and only 15% of that comes from the salt shaker. Even those with normal blood pressure have six good reasons to eat less salt. Attend this presentation to find out why. Learn to use food label guidelines and follow low sodium seasoning suggestions to reduce your daily salt consumption.

The Fad Diet Dilemma: What Actually Works?
Most Americans have considered trying one of the too-good-to-be-true diets promoted in best-selling books, infomercials, and on roadside signs…are you one of them? This presentation will review the pros and cons of several current diet programs and help you decide what steps you can take to achieve weight maintenance over the long-term.

What to Do When Weight Loss is Stubborn
Some people seem to have an easier time losing weight than others. The people who are successful at losing, and maintaining that loss, have several traits in common. If your goal is to be successful at losing weight and keeping it off, attend this presentation to learn ten traits and then make them your own.

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