The Wellness Program for Your Business and Your Employees

The topics below are designed for a 30 to 60 minute presentation:

Building Your Fitness Pyramid
It is well known that exercise prevents disease and improves quality of life. Just 30 minutes a day of activity is recommended for health benefits. This class utilizes the Activity Pyramid as a helpful tool in discovering ways to add activity to your daily life.

Discover Yoga
In our fast paced lives and sometimes-stressful days, practicing yoga can be used to help balance our life and manage our stress. Taking time for yoga can quiet our minds, increase our concentration and build a confident, strong body.

Fit Fitness In
We are bombarded with the message that exercise is essential for health and well-being; yet 80% of us do not exercise. The majority of people who do not exercise claim that their daily schedule does not allow for active time. Attend this class to learn ways of incorporating exercise into a busy schedule.

H20: For Active People On The Go
Thirsty people often wonder what the best fluids are to replace sweat loss during activity. The beverage choices available to us can be mind boggling, from water and juices to soft drinks and sports drinks. Attend this presentation to learn about the best choices and find out why they're recommended.

Maintaining a Healthy Back
Back pain is a very common problem in the United States. Learn how proper body mechanics and specific exercises will enhance strength and flexibility for avoiding excessive strain and possible injury in the lower back.

Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise
Most people are aware of the physical benefits of exercise, but probably haven't given much thought to the mental benefits. From cognitive ability and self-image to reduced risk of depression and optimism - the list of mental benefits from exercise is long and impressive. Attend this class to learn all about it.

Movement Matters
Our bodies are made for activity. But the conveniences of modern living have caused most Americans to be inactive. This presentation emphasizes the fact that all activity you do in a day can really add up. Learn the benefits of sneaking movement into your daily schedule and learn techniques on how to do so.

My Blood is Boiling! Controlling High Blood Pressure With Exercise
What is blood pressure? What factors increase blood pressure? How can high blood pressure be controlled? Learn the answers to these questions, plus how exercise can help take the pressure out of hypertension.

Most individuals have goals related to exercise, but the process of getting to those goals can be overwhelming and intimidating. This presentation provides a step-by-step plan in setting personal goals that will help you make a commitment to regular exercise.

Stay Fit As You Sit
How can you stay comfortable at your workstation? This presentation covers ways to do so. Information regarding proper sitting posture, stretching, stress reduction and strengthening exercises will be presented to help reduce muscle tension, especially in the neck, shoulders and back area.

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