Occupational Medicine

Specialty Services

  • Occupational Health is uniquely qualified to be the single source provider for all your occupational medicine and health services. Through its affiliation with St. John Medical Center, Occupational Health has priority access to all hospital services such as:
  • Occupational Therapy—to improve movement, perception and thinking skills needed for self-care and daily activities (neuro and musculoskeletal disorders).
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation—to treat heart disease through pre or post care by improving the strength and endurance of the heart muscle and individual.
  • Physical Therapy—to help reduce pain, increase strength, and/or improve balance, flexibility and endurance for greater independence and mobility (neuro and musculoskeletal disorders).
  • Sleep Disorders Clinic—to diagnose and treat disorders related to deprivation of sleep. Often these disorders go untreated or misdiagnosed and cause significant disruption in home and work life (pulmonary disorders).
  • Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse—to help individuals overcome behavioral problems and achieve balance in life. One of the goals of this service is to produce a normal productive environment for individual with a minimal amount of intrusiveness while maintaining appropriate levels of care.