Joint Replacement Center

Our goal is to provide patients with exceptional care for joint replacement. We offer outstanding surgeons, excellent staff, the best technology and equipment, plus a unique "buddy system" approach. Patients heal better and faster after joint replacement through the support and encouragement of other patients also going through the Joint Replacement process.

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Here's a note from a patient who recently had knee replacement surgery: 

To whom it may concern,

I could not let another day go by with out letting you know what an excellent staff you have in your pre-operative, orthopedic surgery, and post-operative care areas. Each and every staff member gave me excellent care and made me feel like I was a special member of the team. Being a nurse myself I knew what to expect, and was well aware of the risks. I felt blessed to have such a great team working with me.  Everything was explained in detail to me by staff and doctors alike.  I especially want to thank the staff member who had me lay my head on her shoulder while having my epidural placed.  It made me feel like a small child being comforted by a mother as I fell asleep.  When I awoke in the post-operative area, the nurse listened to and cared for my needs promptly, so I experienced no discomfort.  I wish I could give them all a great big hug for all they did for me and my family, who were waiting nervously through the procedure.

Staff like this doesn’t come along everyday. Take good care or them, because you certainly would not want to lose them.  Bravo St. John, Bravo!

​Joint Replacement Center