Continence Center

Incontinence is a challenge for women of all ages. Childbirth, constipation, medications, diet and the natural aging process can all contribute to urine leakage. Most women find their symptoms increase during menopause.

Did you know?

  • 60% of women experience incontinence difficulties. 
  • Only 1/3 of women discuss this treatable condition with their physician.
  • Natural therapy and surgical options are available.
  • The Pavilion hosts free seminars on incontinence during the year.

Are you a candidate for Urodynamic testing?

  • Do you experience the sudden and urgent need to urinate?
  • Do you leak urine during lifting, coughing, laughing or exercise?
  • Do you urinate more than seven times a day or more than three times per night?
  • Do you have frequent urination no matter how much volume is in your bladder?
  • Is incontinence interfering with your activities?

In most cases, incontinence can be cured by physical therapy, medications or surgical procedures.

Our Continence Center is staffed by certified technicians and physicians. It is comfortable and private. Please call 414-2800 for more information.