Breastfeeding for Health

Breastfeeding is both natural and the best food for your baby. Studies have shown a decrease in illness among breastfed babies. Other studies have shown that breastfeeding increases brain development as the baby receives vital nutrients found only in breast milk.

Did you know?

  • Breastfeeding helps with the process of the uterus returning to normal size after delivery
  • Breast milk is filled with antibodies transferred from the mother that protects against infection
  • Working moms can successfully continue breastfeeding by pumping and storing their milk

Where can I go for help?

  • The Pavilion provides Breastfeeding information in our Preparing for Delivery class.
  • Click here for class calendar and registration. 
  • St. John Medical Center offers lactation support during your In-patient stay.
  • Out-patient lactation advice and appointments are available after discharge by calling 414-2000 ext. 4950.
  • The Pavilion carries Medela nursing bras and breastfeeding supplies.