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Surgery & Care for Bones, Muscles & Joints

Orthopedic and sports medicine providers specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions or injuries of the musculoskeletal system, including bones, muscles and joints. Orthopedic health problems range from mild to traumatic. They can occur suddenly or develop slowly, begin at birth or worsen with age.

Anyone at any age could need an orthopedist during their life:

  • young children in critical stages of bone growth
  • adolescents with sports injuries
  • young and middle-age adults who've been in accidents
  • elderly individuals with age-related deterioration

Surgical and non-surgical treatments are used by orthopedic doctors with the goal of reducing pain and helping patients maintain or gain musculoskeletal control to move freely.

Orthopedics at PeaceHealth

PeaceHealth Medical Group has experienced orthopedic & sports medicine specialists in Longview:


  • Sports Medicine
  • Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopic Reconstruction
  • General Orthopedics

All orthopedic & sports medicine providers practice at PeaceHealth Medical Group Orthopedics, which offers a complete and comprehensive scope of services to help patients get back on their feet.

Talk to your doctor for a referral or contact us directly for how we can help you with an orthopedic concern.

PeaceHealth Medical Group-Orthopedics is conveniently located on the first floor of St. John Medical Center.

PeaceHealth Orthopedics
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