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Kearney Breast Center Staff

Our Promise

We strive to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to all patients and their families by working together as caregivers within the community.

By utilizing multidisciplinary service with expertise in the field of breast health, The Kearney Breast Center will provide state-of-the-art technology and current standard practice for quality screening mammography, diagnostic services and all areas of treatment in a caring and supportive environment.


  • Provide timely care for screening and diagnosis
  • Provide breast health education and information
  • Provide consultation support for the medical community


Longview Surgical:
Mario Forte, MD
Christine Katterhagen, MD
Kelly DeRosier, RN
(Breast Care Coordinator)

Longview Radiologists:
Michael Hicks, MD
Tyler Gibbs, MD
Hasan Ozgur, MD

Ruth Melvin RT, (M) Manager
Patricia Williams, RT (M)
Kathy Anicker RT (M)
Lori Middleton, RT (M)
Kelli Wisti, RT(M)