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Mammograms can detect changes in the breast that may be early signs of cancer, but are too small or subtle to be felt. Mammography has greatly enhanced the ability to detect breast cancers at earlier stages. Now a new technology called full field digital mammography shows great promise in the fight against breast cancer. Sometimes all you need is a mammogram. Sometimes a closer look is needed. And, sometimes breast cancer is discovered. For this reason, the Kearney Breast Center offers patients in the Vancouver, WA and the Portland, OR area more than breast imaging services alone.

Did you know...

  • breast cancer will affect an average of one in eight women sometime in their lifetime?
  • breast cancer is the second most common cause of cancer related deaths in women?
  • numerous studies prove that early detection is a vital component in the successful treatment of breast cancer?
  • breast self-exams and mammograms play a central part in the early detection of breast cancer?

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