Can the Health Exchange Help?

Can the Health Exchange Help?

The Affordable Care Act has created new options for patients seeking health insurance. Those who have not had access to affordable health care now have new options for coverage! If you're not sure how to get coverage or what coverage is best for you, we can help. Visit our Health Exchange Website for details!

The exchanges are for those who:

  • Don't have health coverage
  • Can't get affordable health coverage through work
  • Buy their own coverage and want a better option
  • Own a small business and employ 50 or fewer people

How to Prepare

  • Make a list of questions before you choose. For example: "Can I stay with my own doctor?" Or "Will this plan cover my health costs when I'm traveling?"
  • Understand how insurance works, including premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, co-payments, and co-insurance.
  • Gather information about your household income. It may be very helpuful to have your W-2, pay stubs, and tax returns to help determine your eligibility for discounts.

Who Qualifies?

Financial assistance is available for many Washingtonians, including those who are employed. The list below shows the maximum yearly income that may qualify for assistance.

​Family Size ​Maximum Annual Income
​1 ​$45,960
​2 ​$62,040
​3 ​$78,120
​4 ​$94,200
​5 ​$110,280
​6 ​$126,360

 If you would like to receive care from a PeaceHealth provider, be sure to choose an insurance plan that includes PeaceHealth!




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