PeaceHealth St. John Earns National Quality + Value Award


PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center has been named a 2013 Community Value Leadership Award winner by the independent research firm Cleverley + Associates. For the past ten years Cleverley + Associates has published their annual Community Value Index (CVI) study, ranking the best hospitals in the nation in terms of the value they provide to their community. This is the seventh consecutive year PeaceHealth St. John has been recognized as a top US hospital.
“This is very gratifying,” said Sy Johnson, CEO at PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center. “National recognition as one of America’s best for seven straight years really validates the hard work we do to make sure we are providing our patients high quality care, while keeping our costs as affordable as possible.”
The CVI is composed of ten measures that assess a hospital's performance in four key areas:
  1. Financial viability and plant reinvestment
  2. Hospital cost structure
  3. Hospital charge structure
  4. Hospital quality performance
Cleverley + Associates’ analysis indicates that a hospital provides the best value to its community when it is financially viable, is appropriately reinvesting back into the facility, maintains a low cost structure, has reasonable charges, and provides high quality care to patients. For more information visit
About the Five Star List: Hospitals that achieved CVI scores within the top 20% of all hospitals within their group are designated as Community Value Five-Star® Hospitals.