Electrical Fire Closes Lakefront Clinic Building


At 4:10 PM Friday April 5th, a small fire ignited inside a water heater electrical panel at the PeaceHealth Medical Group - Lakefront clinic at 1718 East Kessler Boulevard in Longview, WA.  Staff members smelled smoke and immediately dialed 9-1-1, then began a rapid, safe evacuation of patients. Fire fighters responded within minutes, then quickly located and extinguished the fire.

Damage from the fire appears to be limited to the water heater unit, which PeaceHealth Facilities services personnel are working to replace. An environmental services restoration team will perform necessary clean up duties.
As a result of the fire, the PeaceHealth Medical Group – Lakefront building will be closed Saturday and Sunday. Patients who would normally come to the Lakefront clinic location for care will be directed to the PeaceHealth Medical Group – Family Medicine clinic on Saturday and Sunday.  BThe clinic is located on the first floor of PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center’s Professional Services Building at 1615 Delaware Street in Longview. Signs will be posted to assist patients in finding the appropriate clinic. Hours of operation will be unchanged.
At this time the cause of the fire is not yet determined. PeaceHealth’s Facilities Services personnel are hopeful the Lakefront clinic will be ready to re-open on Monday. If the water heater unit cannot be replaced by Monday, contingency plans may allow for a partial opening, as the Lakefront clinic is served by multiple water heaters.

Patients who have appointments at PeaceHealth Medical Group – Lakefront may call (360) 747-5800 on Monday to hear updated information about their appointment.
About Lakefront clinic:
Lakefront clinic opened in June of 2011. It is home to PeaceHealth Medical Group primary care services, and also offers laboratory and imaging services. The 18,593 square foot building allows PeaceHealth Medical Group patients to receive care in a beautiful outpatient setting.