PeaceHealth St. John Earns "A" for Hospital Safety


PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center has earned as “A” in hospital safety from the independent hospital transparency organization “Leapfrog.”  The grades for 2,651 US hospitals, announced this week, show that PeaceHealth St. John is one of only 729 US hospitals to earn an A, and is one of only 13 in Washington State.

“This is an affirmation of all the great work we are doing, and it’s very gratifying to be acknowledged nationally for that hard work,” said Steven Cabrales, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Patient Safety Officer at PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center.  “This is a true demonstration of our dedication to hospital safety.  Our “A” grade is no accident. We have numerous quality and safety committees and sub-committees working across disciplines to make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction. Safety is a major focus for us, and we’re pleased to know that national experts see us the way we see ourselves.”

"The hospitals that achieved an A came from all walks of life, across the gamut of hospital types and people they serve," says Leapfrog Executive Director Leah Binder. “For example, hospitals that received an A grade ranged from large academic medical centers to small community hospitals. Safety appears to be something all hospitals can choose," Binder added.

The not-for-profit quality organization rated 2,651 U.S. hospitals on an "A, B, C, D, or F" scale using Hospital Safety Scores determined by hospitals' responses to Leapfrog's voluntary survey and by their performance on 26 measures of publicly available hospital safety data. Measures included those related to patient injuries, medical errors, and infections.  Based on hospitals' scores, Leapfrog awarded:
• "A" to 729 hospitals;
• "B" to 679 hospitals;
• "C" to 1,111 hospitals; and
• "Grade pending" to 132 hospitals.
According to Binder, Leapfrog plans to award "D" and "F" grades to hospitals ("Grade pending" hospitals) when the group updates its ratings in six months. Click here to view the results.

The Leapfrog Group Hospital Safety Score program grades hospitals on their overall performance in keeping patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors. The grades are derived from expert analysis of publicly available data using 26 evidence-based, national measures of hospital safety. The Leapfrog Group focuses on measuring and publicly reporting hospital performance through the annual Leapfrog Hospital Survey. The survey is a trusted, transparent, evidence-based national tool.

About Leapfrog: The Leapfrog Group is an independent, national not-for-profit organization founded more than a decade ago by the nation’s leading employers and private healthcare experts. Leapfrog strives to make giant “leaps” forward in the safety, quality, and affordability of healthcare in the U.S. by promoting transparency and value-based hospital incentives.​