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How Blood Conservation Improves Outcomes at Southwest Medical Center

At PeaceHealth Southwest, we are committed to treating all patients with respect, compassion and according to their personal wishes. There are many in the community who choose health care without the use of blood or blood products. Our goal is to respect the wishes of patients who refuse transfusions in their care, and educate staff in how blood conservation can improve medical and surgical outcomes.

If you are interested in blood conservation or bloodless treatment, please notify your physician or contact the Blood Conservation Program at (360) 514-6766.

Why consider blood conservation?

Among the many reasons are:

  • increased demand for safe alternatives to transfusions
  • increase in patients requesting bloodless treatment
  • advanced medical technology and pharmaceudicals making bloodless treatment possible and often preferable
  • decrease in blood supply
  • increased costs related to blood screening and transfusion

PeaceHealth Southwest is proud to offer a progressive approach to blood conservation to all patients wishing to get exceptional care without the use of blood or blood products. Our skilled physicians use safe and effective transfusion-free medical and surgical techniques that reduce many of the risks associated with blood transfusions.