On campus program

Losing and keeping weight off is an acquired skill, so Weight Loss for Life is not based on conventional dieting alone. Our team works closely with you as you learn these new skills in friendly, highly supportive classes. Patients also receive individual coaching and follow-up via phone calls with trained health educators.

In our intensive maintenance program, we’ll continue to work with you to practice these skills until they become an automatic part of your daily life, ensuring that you keep the weight off.

Why is such support necessary?

Research shows that more than 80% of people who diet either fail or regain the weight. A recent Health Management Resources® (HMR) study showed that for 1,100 people who attended the 12-week educational program achieved an average weight loss of 77 pounds. And 25 percent of participants lost 100 pounds or more. Best of all, patients who participated in the HMR program were able to maintain a significant portion of that weight loss, proving that support helps you beat the dieting odds.

In-Clinic Program Options

  • The Healthy Solutions® Diet promotes moderate weight loss without medical supervision. From the first day, you'll start practicing specific strategies that will help you keep the weight off after you leave the program. You'll be surprised at all the food you get to eat — nutritious and filling HMR weight loss shakes, soup, cereal, entrees as meal replacements, plus unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables. Since these foods are low in calories, you can eat as many as you need to feel full. We call this, "More is Better," and it works!
  • The Decision Free®, Medically Supervised Diet is offered exclusively in hospitals and medical centers, designed for people who want to lose a significant amount of weight (more than 30 pounds) in a short amount of time. Studies show that the fewer decisions you have to make about what to eat, the more likely it is you will lose weight. With the Decision Free Diet you won’t have to make any decisions about what to eat. You'll lose weight using nutritionally complete, delicious HMR meals (filling weight-loss shakes, soup, cereal and entrees). No complicated food lists. No extensive food preparation. No extra food shopping. Used as directed, the diet provides 100% of the Daily Value for vitamins and minerals, so you can be confident you’re getting the nutrition you need.
  • Phase Two/Maintenance: The biggest challenge anyone faces after losing weight is keeping it off. Phase two protects your health gains. Phase two is the most important phase of our program where participants practice the skills they learned in weight-loss while learning additional, simple strategies for successful long-term weight management. A personal coach works closely with each individual to practice the skills necessary to balance food and physical activity calories until they become second nature. HMR has the best maintenance record in the industry.

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