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Weight Loss Success stories

What will you do when it is your time? Will you climb a mountain? Will you run a race? Will you ride bikes with your kids? Play with your grandkids? Start a new career? It's up to you when you decide that it's your time to lose.

See how these people changed their lives for the better. It all started with a declaration - It's time! - and a call to PeaceHealth Southwest's Center for Weight Management.Weight Loss Surgery

"Looking good is just an added bonus, it’s really about being able to do anything from riding bikes with my children to snow skiing with my family. I am constantly amazed at what I can do, such as, being able to go to Disneyland and fit on all of the rides with my kids! It’s all the little things I can do that I didn’t realize I wasn’t doing anymore." Read more of Jami's story
—Jami J. Ness

"The surgery has given me a new lease on life. If I had continued down the path I was on I do not feel I would have lived a long life. I have been able to do more in the past year with my family than I was able to for the past 15 years." Read more of Bill's story
— Bill Williams

"As a physician myself, I knew the risk of weight loss surgery but I also knew I was losing my battle with obesity. I am little over a year out from my surgery and I controlled my diabetes and hypertension, eliminated sleep apnea and have a new job I only dreamed I could get." Read more of Michael's story
— Michael Young, MD

"I made the decision to change my life and get weight loss surgery and be committed to a new and healthy lifestyle. I also thought about my kids and how I wanted to serve as a good example and role model to them in making healthy choices and also demonstrating to them that truly anything is possible." Read more of Mike's story
— Mike

Shannon lost over 100 pounds with Weight Loss for Life. Read about her amazing journey -Shannon R

Read more of their story​ -Susan Ross and Andy Allensworth

Read more of Carrie's story
-Carrie Miller

'​I'd be dead without Weight Loss for Life.' When Doug's BMI was too high to qualify for a lifesaving kidney transplant, he knew it was time to do something about his health. Read more of Doug's story​ Doug Cox

"I can balance, run, play with my grandkids, work with my first graders all day, have energy and physical strength and better mental outlook. It feels good to be strong." Read more of Casey's story
— Casey Rouse

"Deciding to lose weight is a very personal decision. For me, I knew it was time. The Weight Loss for Life program has given me the skills and the structure to make the right decisions for my health. And, you can’t put a price on that." Read more of Bill's story
— Bill Whitcomb

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