Before and after photo gallery

Weight Loss for Life

Meet Denielle
63 lbs. lost
25% initial body weight lost
5 inches off waist
BMI: -10 pts
Cholesterol: -19 pts
Triglycerides: -77 pts

Meet Max
95 lbs. lost
27% initial body weight lost
11 inches off waist
BMI: -12 pts

Meet Enid
81 lbs. lost
30.3% initial body weight lost
5.5 inches off waist
BMI: -11.9 pts
Cholesterol: -80 pts

Meet Sheri
41 lbs. lost
17% initial body weight lost
3 inches off waist
BMI: -7.1 pts
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Average weight loss is 50-60 pounds for the Decision-Free® Diet program and 35-40 pounds for the Healthy Solutions® program. (HMR data from selected programs published or presented at medical conferences.)