'I'd be dead' without Weight Loss for Life

DOUG COX was battling a long list of health concerns. ​Having had 
diabetes for more than 20 years, he was on multiple medications, had limited mobility and severe microvascular disease, and was partially blind. He kept gaining weight. And he was on dialysis for kidney failure.

When Doug needed a kidney transplant and discovered his BMI (body mass index) was too high for him to qualify for the procedure, he knew it was time to do something about his health. His family and friends told him about Weight Loss for Life, a medically supervised weight loss program offered at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. Doug decided it was ​right for him.

Doug’s primary goal when he entered the program was to lose 40 pounds so he could qualify for the lifesaving kidney transplant. After 13 weeks of the program’s Phase 1, Doug had lost enough weight to qualify for the transplant, which was completed in June of 2011.  Five weeks after his transplant, Doug returned to class and lost another 35 pounds before entering Phase 2. 

He has learned additional skills for long term weight management. Doug believes the interaction with classmates and instructors helped him stay motivated, declaring that the program “taught me the skills to lead a healthy life.”

Doug has been part of Phase 2 for two years. He has lost 111 pounds, is no longer on insulin, and has gone from taking seven blood pressure medications to not needing any. “If it wasn’t for this program,” Doug says, “I’d be dead.”

He is a proud member of PeaceHealth’s Century Club, a group of people who have each lost 100 pounds, and is a ​true inspiration to his classmates.

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