Certified Stroke Center

The Stroke Center at PeaceHealth Southwest is the regional medical center for comprehensive stroke services, featuring a team of stroke (brain attack) experts from many health disciplines who provide 24-hour rapid response to stroke care.

Stroke care starts with the ambulance crew who work rapidly to identify a potential stroke and
transport you to the Stroke Center. Coordinated care continues in the Emergency Department and goes through inpatient hospitalization and rehabilitation. Combining the latest in technology and education, PeaceHealth Southwest's Radiology, Intensive Care Unit, Stroke Unit and Rehabilitation Unit ensure the highest standard of stroke care. In fact, we've been named by the American Stroke Association as Gold award winner for their Getting with the Guidelines program.

Stroke 101

Arm yourself with information about stroke so you can help yourself and your loved ones prevent a dangerous or deadly brain attack.

As many as 80% of all strokes can be prevented. Knowing your risk factors is an important first step in managing your health to avoid a stroke.

PeaceHealth Southwest's Stroke Center is a comprehen-sive stroke center, an honor given only to centers with the highest level of technology and expertise.


Strong evidence indicates that stroke patients are more likely to survive and recover more function if they receive specialized care in a dedicated stroke unit.

  Stroke Center Team

Meet our physicians and staff specializing in stroke services.

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