Cardiac rehabilitation

At the PeaceHealth Southwest Heart and Vascular Center, treatment doesn’t stop when you check out of the hospital. Our nationally certified outpatient exercise therapy and education program can help you return to an exceptional quality of life and stay healthy after a cardiovascular event.

Cardiac Rehabilitation occurs in three phases. Phase I begins during your stay at PeaceHealth Southwest following a heart attack, surgery, angioplasty or stent placement.

Phase II begins after you leave the hospital. As an outpatient, you attend three exercise sessions per week and are supported by an exercise physiologist and cardiac nurses. Goals are cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. You also attend group class to learn about heart-smart eating, coping with cardiac disease, medication management, and more.

Following outpatient rehabilitation, you may choose to participate in Phase III, a community-based exercise program, to continue your commitment to improved health through regular independent exercise.

Download PeaceHealth Southwest's Cardiac Rehab brochure