CyberKnife offers a minimally invasive alternative treatment option to those patients who cannot undergo cancer surgery due to their poor medical condition or who refuse surgery. With CyberKnife physicians can zero in on the moving tumor with extreme accuracy, which causes less complications and doesn’t damage healthy tissue.

Benefits include:
  • Delivers radiation directly to the tumor
  • Minimizes exposure to surrounding healthy tissue
  • Continually checks and compensates for any movement you make during treatments, ensuring accuracy
  • Patient can breathe normally during the treatment sessions
  • Achieves surgical-like outcomes, non-invasively
  • Requires no recovery time. Most treatments are done on an outpatient basis
  • Reduces pain
  • Requires only mild sedation

Treatment Process

Liver and pancreas cancer can be challenging in treating, due to the movement of the tumors as the patient breathes. CyberKnife offers a minimally invasive option that can deliver radiation directly to the tumor with extreme accuracy. The radiation beam can track the tumors movement in real time, which allows the patient to breathe normally during their treatment sessions. This allows the physician to zero in on the tumor, without harming the healthy surrounding tissue. As a result, CyberKnife is more comfortable for patients and treatments can be completed in one to five sessions.

CyberKnife treatments are typically performed on an outpatient basis over a period of one to five days, requiring no overnight hospital stays. Most patients experience minimal to no side effects with a quick recovery time.