Mammo Pad

Mammo Pad

MammoPad Breast Cushions

As a certified Softer Mammogram Provider, PeaceHealth Southwest's Kearney Breast Center works to make sure your mammogram is warm and comfortable. To help decrease discomfort, we provide a soft foam cushion called MammoPad during every screening mammogram.

Take the pain out of mammography

MammoPad breast cushions are soft foam pads that can help relieve the discomfort many women feel during a mammogram. The cushion is placed on the surface of the image detector, providing a softer, more comfortable mammogram. Clinical studies show three out of every four women experience an average 50% decrease in discomfort with MammoPad breast cushions. 1,2 While the breast cushion provides comfort, it does not compromise the high level of image quality needed for a routine mammogram or require increased radiation dose during a mammogram.

The Softer Mammogram experience

Since MammoPad breast cushions provide a warmer, softer, and more comfortable mammogram, women are generally more relaxed during the exam. This enables the technologist to get more breast tissue in the image. The cushion's grip-like surface also holds breast tissue in place to ensure optimal breast positioning and ultimately, a better image and exam for you. Clinical studies show that the combination of a relaxed patient and the MammoPad's grip-like effect allows more of the woman's breast to be imaged, enabling a more comprehensive image with confident results.

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