Advanced Breast Clinic

The Advanced Breast Clinic brings together breast surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, reconstructive surgeons and other specialists for consultation and treatment planning for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and other breast conditions.


The Advanced Breast Care Team

Breast Care Nurse Navigator

A Registered Nurse who can help you navigate the complex world you might find yourself in after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Your Breast Care Navigator will help you find the right healthcare professionals you need, review the treatments that you may receive and can act as a resource for you and your loved ones throughout your cancer care.

Breast Sonographer

A registered diagnostic medical sonographer is trained in the specialty of breast imaging using ultrasound guidance technology. The highly skilled sonographers at the Kearney Breast Center provide their patients with the highest level of compassion and qualty care.

Mammography Technologist

A health professional specially trained and licensed by the American College of Radiology and overseen by the FDA's Mammography Quality Standard Act for the highest quality of care in positioning and digital imaging of the breast. A mammography technologist properly positions patients for x-rays, takes the images, and then develops and checks the images for quality. The films taken by the technologist are sent to the radiologist to be read. At the Kearney Breast Center, the mammography technologists are proud to share their over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge. Our experience technologists always put our patients' comfort and safety first.

Medical Oncologist

A doctor specially trained in the treatment of cancer. Medical Oncologists use a variety of treatments, called systemic treatments, that are put into your body to fight cancer. The medical oncologist is usually the leader of your care team, and is responsible for deciding which treatments you will receive.

Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon/Breast Surgeon

Oncoplastic breast surgeons are trained in the best and latest techniques for breast cancer surgery. Using oncoplastic surgical techniques, the breast surgeon will perform a customized operation that will remove the cancer and restore the natural shape and appearance of the breast. These techniques are designed to give the patients better cosmetic results while maintaining sound oncologic principles following major resection of breast cancers. Physicians from Southwest Medical Group Surgical Specialists and Southwest Medical Group Plastic Surgery perform this procedure.


A physician trained in determining the causes of disease. In cancer, pathologists diagnose disease by evaluating tissue samples to see if there are cancer cells present. Pathologists also determine specific characteristics of a tumor, including whether or not it is Estrogen/Progesterone and HER2-positive.


A doctor trained specifically in the interpretation of digital breast imaging and advanced procedures including MRI, ultrasound, stereotactic breast biopsies, and other breast diagnostic procedures. The Kearney Breast Center offers same day procedures and diagnosis for a concerning issue.

Radiation Oncologist

A doctor who specializes in the treatment of cancer patients, using radiation therapy as the main modality of treatment.

Reconstructive Surgeon

Breast reconstruction is an extremely personal choice. Whether you choose to proceed with reconstruction immediately following your mastectomy or wait until you're more comfortable moving forward, the plastic surgeons from Southwest Medical Group Plastic Surgery will be there to help you along the way. We will also help you choose the reconstruction technique that is best for you.