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Behavioral Health

Woman at a windowPeaceHealth Southwest's Behavioral Health Services provides for many mental health needs in a variety of settings: inpatient care, day hospital, consultation services, help in the workplace, and spiritual care services for all faiths.

The goal of PeaceHealth Southwest's Behavioral Health Services is to help the client return to a productive lifestyle as quickly as possible.

PeaceHealth Southwest Behavioral Health Services

  • The Inpatient Unit at PeaceHealth Southwest is a 14-bed adult hospital setting with an emphasis on engagement and recovery-oriented treatment. Voluntary treatment is provided in a safe, secure setting. There is an emphasis on crisis stabilization including medication evaluation. A holistic approach including physical and emotional care with individual and family direction is part of each person's treatment.

    The average length of stay is 5 to 7 days. The goal is transition to the community to continue the individual's pathway to recovery.
  • The ADAPT program is an alternative to inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. The program promotes the philosophy of recovery with an emphasis on the Recovery values. Active, time-limited comprehensive psychiatric treatment occurs on a daily basis under the care of a psychiatrist and professional staff, including a psychiatrist. Services offered include:
    • Remediation of acute psychiatric symptoms
    • Recovery promotion and education
    • Peer support
    • Medication management
    • Individual and group treatment activities
    • Intensive patient education
    • Crisis intervention and stabilization
  • The Consultation-Liaison service provides help to patients hospitalized for medical/surgical services who also may benefit from mental health care. This service also supports the hospital staff and physicians to better meet the mental health needs of patients.
  • A private practice, Northwest Behavioral Medicine, is also available. It includes staff psychiatrists, advanced practice nurse practitioners, and other health professionals for out-patient, one-on-one treatment.

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