Patient Rights & Responsibilities

At PeaceHealth Southwest Washington Medical Center, we believe the most effective care occurs when the health care team, the patient and the family members work together. We encourage our patients to be active participants and informed consumers.

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As a patient you have the right to ...

Be treated in a respectful, courteous and confidential manner. This includes the following:
  • Having your privacy respected and your patient information managed in a confidential manner.
  • Being cared for in a safe setting, free from abuse or harassment. This includes freedom from restraints or seclusion imposed as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience, or retaliation by staff.
  • Notifying a family member or representative and physician promptly of your admission to the hospital, unless you request this not be done.*
  • Accessing pastoral care and spiritual services.
  • Unrestricted access to communication, visitors, mail, telephone calls, unless clinically contraindicated. Any restrictions will be explained to you.
  • Not to be recorded or filmed without your consent.
Participate in the decisions that affect you. This includes the following:
  • Getting the information you need to make decisions about your care and participate in planning your care.
  • Having issues related to care at the end of life addressed with sensitivity. We will carry out your wishes according to your advance directive as the law permits or assist you in formulating one.
  • Accepting or refusing medical care, as the law permits, and being informed about the consequences.
Receive high quality care and service. This means the following:
  • Your care comes from qualified people. Our staff tell you who they are, what care they provide and why you may need it.
  • Your pain will be appropriately assessed and managed.
  • You may accept or decline to take part in research and still get the best care available. Your rights will be protected during research, investigation, and clinical trials.
  • You will be told about possible options when the hospital is not the best place for your care.
  • You will receive health care you need. If you must move to another location, we will tell you your risks, benefits and choices. You won’t be moved until the other provider agrees to accept you.
To file a grievance
  • Contact PeaceHealth Southwest Patient Advocacy (360) 514-2286 / TDD or State Relay number: 9-711 (TTY)) or PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, PO Box 1600, Vancouver, WA 98668 
  • Contact the Washington State Department of Health toll free (800) 633-6828 or 112 Quince Street, PO Box 47890, Olympia, WA 98504-7980 
  • Report your concerns to Hospital Complaint DNV Healthcare Inc. by calling 1-(866)523-6842 or send an email to
To receive information about:
  • Your illness, treatment choices and likely outcomes. This may include reviewing your medical records, with information explained, except when restricted by law. You may request a copy of your medical record.
  • Hospital charges and our policy for billing and payment.
  • Be informed if this hospital has relationships with outside parties that may influence your treatment and care.

*The patient has the right to expect that a family member or representative and physician will be notified promptly of the patient's admission to the hospital, unless the patient requests this not be done.

To know your admission status:

Patients being evaluated for symptoms may be considered outpatients staying in the hospital. This is defined as observation status. After additional testing, it will be decided if you can be discharged or need to be admitted as an inpatient. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services created observation status for evaluations that do not meet their criteria for inpatient care. Read more.