How we serve: defining excellence

At PeaceHealth Southwest, we're dedicated to providing a personal patient care experience that exceeds expectations. We have a pretty good idea of what excellent patient care means, but we also know that every patient is unique. We are sensitive to the unique preferences of individual patients, and treat patients and family members as active, informed participants in the care process.

That's why we ask each patient upfront what excellent care means to them. In fact, we even make it a standard practice to write down the patient's definition of excellent care on white boards posted in each patient room. That way every caregiver who interacts with that patient or their family can actively work to address the patient’s priorities and top concerns related to their care.

Regular check-ins

We’re also committed to the concept of hourly rounding on patients. Whether it's the specific nurse assigned to the patient's care, or the nursing supervisor on the floor, we make a concerted effort to check in on each patient at least once each hour. It's a best practice; and it enhances our workflows by reducing the number of calls for assistance from the patient. It even helps to reduce the occurrence of patient falls because the caregiver is making sure the patient has all their physical and comfort needs met well in advance.

Healing habits save lives

Proper hand hygiene is also critical to our patient experience. Every caregiver and every provider is required to wash their hands or to use hand sanitizing gel when entering and leaving the patient room. This ensures that potentially-deadly bacteria are not spread from room to room or from caregiver to patient. In fact, we should encourage patients to let us know if they observe us forgetting to clean our hands. Trained observers also help us track performance (currently above 90%) and help reduce the likelihood of hospital-acquired infection or complication.